Hacking Traffic Signs and Criminal Blinkenlights

Listen to this piece which is a part of the May 3rd episode of the Off The Hook radio show of 2600. They are talking about the case of somebody changing the content electronic traffic signs making them display stating that the prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, „eats babies“.

Later on they also report on somebody stating that „hackers“ are also know to get „inside buildings via the Internet“ using the internal lighting to play Tetris on the buildings facade. LOL. 2600 advises us to get to the Canadian magazine to make them redeem the statement, but right now nobody seems to know who the real originator of this statement was.

Podcast: Hacking Traffic Signs and Criminal Blinkenlights (MP3, 8.7 MB, 09:32 min)

Podcast Feed für The Lunatic Fringe.

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