Camp Preview: Mathias Bröckers and Gerhard Wisnewski

Mathias BröckersMathias Bröckers is a famous name in Germany for quite some time now. He was one of the more visible people driving the acceptance of hemp in Germany with the opening of stores selling hemp textiles and pushing German politics into allowing the growing of hemp as it was done one hundred years ago before the big marihuana paranoia was pushed by the alcohol industry.

Mathias has recently done some books on conspiracy theories and has also reported on the whole 9/11 snafu since day one, especially by writing a series of articles for Telepolis (the most excellent news source in Germany in my opinion). The latest production on this topic is the book „Fakten, Fälschungen und die unterdrückten Beweise des 11.9“ (facts, forgeries and suppressed evidence of 9/11)

Matthias Bröckers is going to do a talk on this issue („Operation September 11th: Analysing Virtual Reality“) at the Camp. He will be accompanied by Gerhard Wisnewski who is author of the book „9/11. Angriff auf den Globus“ (9/11. Globe Attack) on the same topic and who wrote another book on the relationship of politics and terrorism focusing on the german terrorism movement „Rote Armee Fraktion“ in the seventies.

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