Camp Preview: Paul Wouters

Paul WoutersPaul Wouters is a programmer and system administrator in the Netherlands with a strong Linux preference.

His obnoxious freedom of speech ideas has resulted in a close bond with Scientology lawyers, spammers, various organisations involved with Internet Tapping in the Netherlands and the Linux IPsec community. At HAL2001, under the watching eye of the Dutch secret police, he lead the wireless networking team. He is also involved in the OpenTap projects providing GPL‘ed solutions to the dutch tapping laws to prevent undetected leaking of information to third parties like Israel. Read Dutch tapping room not kosher on this issue. He also gave a talk on wiretapping at 18C3.

At the Camp Paul is doing talks on wiretapping („Wiretapping in Europe: Update“ together with Jaya Balloo – a sequel to a talk at 19C3, on the spam problem (see Paul‘s spam statistics) and he is co-talker to John Gilmore and Hugh Daniels on opportunistic encryption using DNSSEC.

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