Things worth knowing about Germany

Aha. The USA is having look at Germany again. This happens every now and then. Let‘s see. This time it‘s CNN reporting that according to a poll, one-third of Germans under age 30 believe the U.S. government may have sponsored the September 11, 2001.

The outcome is not a real surprise to me and I support the claim that this is due to the „widespread disbelief about the reasons given by the United States for going to war in Iraq and suspicion about media coverage of the conflict had fostered a climate in which conspiracy theories flourished.“

It was fascinating to see how the US managed to eat up all the support they got from Germany within months. While tons of people were on the streets after the attacks to support the USA the same ton of people turned their backs after they noticed that now the real threat is now residing in Washington, has no clue and does not care about what the rest of the world thinks.

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