Podcast Roundup: Democracy Now!

I feel my recommended video podcast of the day must match the audio podcast I named and there is only one way to go: Democracy Now! („The War and Peace report“ ) is a podcasted one-hour TV news show hosted by acclaimed journalist Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. The show is shown on around 400 american TV channels and some satellite channels but the podcast is also a very important outlet for them. (Audio Podcast Feed, Audio Podcast in iTunes, Video Podcast Feed, Video podcast in ITunes).

Democracy Now is difficult to follow as it is a full hour of news every day. But it is well-worth diving in every now and then especially in times of global disaster. Democracy Now is pure news, information from the real sources. Amy Goodman is one of the leading figures of the intellectual resistance in the USA and a very impressive person.

Democracy Now! is also known for showing video coverage in pure unedited form. Recently they showed videos of vistims of american soldiers using chemical weapons in Iraq among other stuff. But it is the real news. If you have been looking for it, here you might find it.

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