22C3 Frappr Map

The 22C3 Frappr Map is filling with guests. 119 have left a note for us so far. Why don’t you join? It is very interesting to see where all have been coming from to visit 22C3.

In case you are listening to Chaosradio, there is a Chaosradio Frappr Map as well.

Ein Gedanke zu „22C3 Frappr Map

  1. I’m feeling lonely here, does nobody want to join this Frappr-Group too??? ;-)


    I know, we have visitors at our weblog from Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Singapore and of course Germany, UK and USA, but what about the listeners of the CongressRadio-Podcasts? So please join this Frappr-Group also, if you are listening or have listenend to CongressRadio, thanks! ;-)

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