Chasing Windmills

Chasing Windmills is one of the reasons why video podcasting is going to take off like mad in the coming weeks and months. 90 Seconds Of Dave is another. There are many more.

After weblogs and wikis – now part three in our ongoing series „take back the media“: podcasting.

I wonder if TV networks already realize that they are about to lose their monopoly in media distribution channels or if they will shut their eyes the same way as the music and movie business still does. We’ll see.

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  1. I’m glad you agree that chasing windmills is one of the „shows“ (if you will) that will be the reason that scripted (keyword) video podcasts will prevail over time. I believe, as a filmmaker myself, that chasing windmills is not only a great podcast that delves into nuances of life by focusing on single conversations rather tha a whole story line, but to me it is also an inspiration to create something similar once i get a new camera after my Digital 8 died and I’ve lost my connections to a DVX-100. Great entry, respond to my email if you will, because i stumbled upon your blog randomly through google.

  2. What the team behind Chasing Windmills has done is invent a storytelling format suitable to the internet age. I find there are people out there preoccuppied with the idea of the internet replacing TV or the cinema, with blogs replacing journalism or newspapers, and interactive sites replacing magazines. This misses the point entirely.

    Sure the landscape is going to change for information media — it already has — but what is happening in media, hopefully, is greater diversification of source rather than domination and centralization. Newspapers, TV, and film don’t need to be replaced by the internet but joined by it. The weak newspapers will fall away and the strong ones will get better. If the lawyers can be defeated, hopefully the stranglehold Hollywood has making bad movies and controlling their distribution will be broken and new films will appear.

    Hopefully, this diversity and competition can make them all better but that has yet to be proved. I find the addage „500 channels and nothing to watch“ is painfully true with added cable channels — it is all bad and getting worse. Fox is incredibly top-down „controlled“ and message-managed and their are trangressions all around, however, I think it argues more for grassroots culture and producers like the ones who make Chasing Windmills.

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