CCC Events (22C3) Weblog

Following the tradition of last years 21C3 weblog we have opened the CCC Events weblog that is going to keep you all updated about the upcoming 22nd Chaos Communication Congress. I want you to subscribe (yeah! just one more blog! how much harm can it do?).

The blog is currently named „22C3 Weblog“ to make clear that it’s all about 22C3 as this is our main focus now. We’ll switch to there more general term „CCC Events Weblog“ soon after to make clear what it is all about. Looking ahead we see more cool stuff coming from us and we want to make you all much more aware of what we plan to do. And we’d like to keep in touch with you and welcome your feedback and comments.

The blog itself is being updated by quite a few people, so far mainly Julia, Jens and fukami who have been all doing an incredible job in supporting me and keeping the faith up and the to do items checked. Thanks a lot.

I personally have to apologize for being pretty unresponsive to many of you lately. However, my colleagues have been in touch with many of you all the time and generate more e-mail traffic than I can read. There have been a variety of issues for me and I also moved on to a new computer which makes life easier as my old machine was severly br0ken and needs repair. It was so frickin‘ slow you can’t believe it.

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