Blinkenlights Update

A year ago, we have built a miniature version of Blinkenlights for the construction site of Haus des Lehrers (the building currently receives a general overhaul). The miniature version has been integrated into the construction sign standing in front of the building and has all the features of the original (you can even play Pong on it with you mobile phone).

To support the miniature version, Björn has updated our little authoring program BlinkenPaint to version 3. It now supports both the classic BLM format and the new XML-based BML format which we have developed to support last year‘s installation in Paris – Arcade. There is now a native version for Mac OS X as well (along with support for classic Mac OS and Windows)

Read the Blinkenlights News page for the full scoop. You find movies of the installation in the construction site there as well. Note that there is a RSS feed available as well. I am not going to spill the beans right now but I‘d recommend subscribing to the feed as there is something nifty coming soon.

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