Syncato: a new approach to weblog software

Jens is currently successfully picking the cherries. He mentions a new weblog system called Syncato that is written in Python and uses Sleepycat Berkeley DB XML for its database. Even more important, Python is just the glue and most stuff is implemented with XPath and XSLT. Makes it a serious contender in the XML world and is a tempting approach to replace Movable Type.

The interesting approach is not to use XML-RPC or SOAP to provide access to weglog entries, but to provide standard HTTP-based web services. This means, you can use any HTTP compliant editor like OmniWeb to retrieve, edit and repost individual entries. The built-in advantage is that HTTP-based authentication is used along with all the nice amenities this can bring (using HTTPS, CERT-based authentication, system-level support).

Syncato‘s source code is available if you are interested to play around with it.

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