VeriSign hijacks unregistered domains

Uaah. VeriSign, a mafia-backed reseller of Internet-domains that once took over the Internet‘s Network Information Center and made money of it, has now started to hijack unregistered domains when accessed with a web browser. If you try to click a totallyunregistereddotcomdomain you get redirected to a VersiSign page stating that „They“ didn‘t find the domain, stating that „There is no Web site at this address.“.

Well, that‘s what error codes where made for. With this kind of (absolutely illegitimate) redirection, programs are no londer able to determine if a certain domain does have a legal DNS A record. This was helpful for spam detection among other thins. I hope public uproar will burn them to flames.

UPDATE: Slashdot knows more about this and provides links to implementation details.

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