Das Wunder von Bern

Die Helden von BernFootball is by far the most popular sport in Europe. And yes, dear visitors from abroad, we call it football and not soccer, although the word was born in London once (ask the Word Detective or Wordorigines.org to get more information on this).

Germans are surely among the most passionate devotees in this area. But for a long time, being interested in football was not really considered to be hip amoung the k3wl people. This has changed in recent years and now there are new magazines popping up complementing the old ones and during the last world championships a real craze was going on.

Root of all devotion in Germany was the winning of the world championships 1954 in Bern, Switzerland known as „Das Wunder von Bern“ (the wonder of Bern). The Germans were total mavericks but defeated the favorites, the Hungarians in a suspenseful game which gained cult status in Germany last but not least because of the now famous live radio coverage by Herbert Zimmermann.

This year, the craze seems to culminate. There is movie in the works telling a (probably boring) family drama situated around the match and – best of all – some film students have created an excellent remake of the game called „Die Helden von Bern“ (the heroes of Bern) using LEGO figures. This is great, check out the animation even if you have no clue of german of all. It‘s worth it.

If you like LEGO-style animations, Brickfilms provides a lot more of that stuff.

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