Hackmeeting: Nerdwear

Well, as on any hacker event, there are t-shirts for sale. Hackers love t-shirts as they allow to express meaningful, probably witty statements without any direct physical human interaction which comes in handy as hackers prefer to spend their time on interaction with the machine.

What was completely new to me is that the long-term idea of actually providing hacker underwear came to life. I am not sure if the penguin is really well-positioned or is capable of producing any extended sexual charm. But who knows? Of the 600 people at Hackmeeting around 10% seem to be women. We will see what happens.

Let‘s have a look at some other nerdwear at Hackmeeting:

Well, you know, I have been doing some other nerdwear in the last years. This business didn‘t get much attention recently and everybody is asking me what‘s next. Well, I guess there will be something happening at the Camp for sure.

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