Hackmeeting: Blink Blink

Walking around I bumped into something familiar. Strange, I‘ve seen that face before. This looked like…

Yes. It looked like the ampflication system of of the original Blinkenlights installation. And in fact, it turned out to be a similar project. The young guy behind controls it via the parallel port and he was very submissive when he confessed that the software is just for Windows assuring me that his friend is actually just installing a Debian Linux on his second computer…. I told him not to miss my talk later (without revealing to many details :-)

Quite a lot of clones of Blinkenlights have evolved in the last two years. The web site of my favorite clone – LittleLights – actually provides an additional list of software resources especially for DOS and Windows (which is not that well supported by us :-). If you run Windows, have a look at tools like BlinkenPlayer Exxtreme and give us some feedback on its usability.

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