Knocking with the digital broomstick

You probably know that feeling: there is a party going on and the music is loud, the guests are shouting and maybe they are even pissing in your stairway. You need to bring the word out to regain your peace. You take out your broomstick and start knocking on the ceiling. This method worked for quite a long time.

In these digital days, new annoyances have come up. Your own web site has somehow joined your private space and when people start to beleaguer your digital infrastructure it‘s getting really complicated as your neighbour is no longer next door but can be basically everywhere on this planet.

Long time blogger Mark Pilgrim just had this problem. Somebody was sucking files like mad, causing load and cost showing a very rude form of misbehaviour. Time to take action. But what can he do?

He chose to publish all the information available about the suspect wielding the only broomstick available to him. What will happen next? He could care. Or he couldn‘t. Well, maybe it works. Maybe it doesn‘t and people start calling for new laws to be enforced or whatever.

We still have to develop our global digital social system.

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