Earthquakes in Helsinki

I am already back for a couple of days now. This Helsinki thing was going much too fast to be aware that I really have been there. Maybe I should have been a bit longer, but this was not because of the other thing. However, now I realize there were two other incidents I did not forget immediately. Both are pretty finnish, I guess.

In the area which you might consider the central shopping district I found a sign explaining the current mess of the vicinity: the pavement is about to receive an upgrade: under pavement heating. I am impressed. Of course, Finland surely has a totally different relation to snow and ice and we always wanted to have underpavement heating in our house, didn‘t we? But putting it below a pedestrian area can be considered cool.

The second pretty remarkable thing happened when I returned from Soumenlinna island (a romantic but tourist heavy spot in the Helsinki bay). I left the ferry board and walked the remaining kilometer to the Hotel. On my way, suddenly the earth shook: all the people around me stumbled and lost balance, held each other bumping against walls, no longer masters of their bodies. Unbelievable. Everybody struggeled: young girls, old men – everything out of control.

It took me second to realize that drinking in Finland is in use like mobile phones are.

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