Matrix Reloaded

Hmm. I have probably looked forward to seeing the sequel to this excellent piece of art like almost everybody. When The Matrix showed up it made the Star Wars saga look pale in comparison.

What surprised me is that basically everyone of my friends told me the second part was more than a big disappointment to them and that it was an embarrassment and boring and so on. So I went to the cinema totally prepared to see the worst movie since The Phantom Menace.

What should I say? I liked it. At least, I think I did. I am confused by the loud opinions of my neighbourhood and I couldn‘t match the critique with my impressions. The action clips are pretty impressing although a bit long. Of course, there is a love story. And there is cheering crowds. And so on. I know. But I still think it is good movie.

But before I can form my opinion I guess I have to see it once more. Must focus, must focus…

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