iPod destroys headphones

Hmm. Even more Apple trouble on the horizon. I start to get really pissed. I am still in the weird situation having bought a top-class laptop for audio that is not able to play audio. Next up for trouble is the iPod.

I find more and more reports of iPods destroying headphones (you might want to digg the related report on digg.com) and must say I noticed something ‚round here as well. I am still not absolutely sure but it is now the third headphone in a row that exposes weird distortion sounds on the left ear after having it used with my 5G iPod with video for a while. I start believing it might indeed be related to the iPod.

I am not listening to music very loud. Actually, most of the stuff I listen to is speech. So there must be something terribly wrong with this device. I recommend NOT buying this device until further notice.

How many of these did Apple sell? Millions! This could be a very expensive party for Apple.

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