RIP PowerBook

So Apple now calls it MacBook Pro. No more „PowerBooks“. I can’t believe it. Does this mean we get „MacBook Express“ machines next?

Performance seems to be good as expected. The new Core Duo processors seem to be screamingly fast. But let me point you to what is GONE:

  • No more FireWire 800 ports: so where should VJs connect their external RAIDs to? And even nastier: this means there is only one FireWire on that machine. Not cool.
  • No modem: Okay. I guess it is safe to rely on a USB modem these days. But I like built-in stuff as it is always there when you need it.
  • No more S-Video: what? How should I hook up the machine to a TV set then? The DVI port does not have pins left for S-video so it is totally unclear what this move means. Again, VJs will complain. Update: Looks as if there will be an adapter for DVI delivering S-Video. This still prohibits using an external monitor and video at the same time however.
  • No more PC Card: well, the move to ExpressCard might be right. But I was just thinking of getting an UMTS card that would need a type 2 slot. I doubt ExpressCards will be here soon but I am not sure on this.
  • No more PowerPC processors: rest in peace. PPC wasn’t able to win the race on portable devices so this move is understandable. I do not expect huge problems with the transition but it is not going to be very fast for some.
  • No Dual Layer DVD burning: WTF?
  • Update: Apparently the new Intel Macs support 802.11a. This is definitely very good news!

I am tempted by the speed but it will take some time for applications to follow. Ableton Live – the program I currently most rely on and that can use any available extra performance – is not made for more than one processor and as such can’t make use of the new Dual Core.

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