Interviews with Joi Ito, Régine Débatty, Eric Blossom and Jacob Appelbaum

22C3 is over. It’s been an intense event.

For the first time since eight years I have been able to get the chance of pursuing a more or less personal project during such an event. Many people contributed to the Congress this time taking over much of my work in the recent years.

So I could do what I really wanted this time: I wanted to experiment with podcasting and produce a new kind of coverage for the event: personal interviews with speakers. The interviews are produced as episodes of the new Chaosradio Express podcast series with a german intro. Chaosradio Express is usually in german only, but the interviews are of course held in english.

Joi Ito was my guest in Episode #11 of our Chaosradio Express podcast series. Joi was our keynote speaker at the conference and delivered a great speech.

In the interview, Joi talks about his way into the digital media and communications world, hackers, 22C3 and being a DJ in Chicago. He also shares many ideas and ideals with us that he stands for. I loved the atmosphere of the interview. Joi is a very bright and encouraging character.

I did three more interviews: with Régine Débatty (We Make Money Not Art), Eric Blossom (GNU Radio) and Jacob Appelbaum. They too are all very interesting characters and it was big fun for me to talk to all of them. Very gifted and lovely people. Thank you all very much for your time and dedication.

Joi apparently liked my podcasting setup. You’re welcome!

5 Gedanken zu „Interviews with Joi Ito, Régine Débatty, Eric Blossom and Jacob Appelbaum

  1. First of all: thanks for your great work!

    But why don’t you offer chaosradio_express editions as ogg vorbis files?

    I’m currently in the process of buying an „mp3“-flashplayer and I’ve yet to decide whether it is worth to spend another 100 EURs for OGG support or not…

    But it seems that all this new podcasting stuff (which is great) is the dead for the free and better ogg media format.

    Btw: is missing all editions > chaosradio_express8.

  2. OGG Vorbis is a fine encoder but it lacks support in many devices. Also it does not yet support all the tags MP3 has (like Lyrics) that I use for the podcast. It would be extra work without extra use and extra distribution. 99% of the players out there can’t play OGG.

  3. Ok, I understand. So that probably means that OGG will sooner or later die (stay where it is now) and that it won’t gain the necessary marketshare around podcasters/users. Which again will result in less hardware support…

    damn circle situation…

    PS: I would love to hear your 22c3 talk again (but this time in german).

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  5. Well, I think given the situation that MP3 is everywhere it already does a good job for most people and there is no real reason for people to switch to OGG instead of being totally free and probably slightly better. In order to gain enough mind share it has to offer something unique the other formats just can’t deliver, as usual.

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