Blinkenlights Update

So. We sort of made it. The installation itself is running now and you can play Pong if you call 0190-987654. The money you pay on the phone is for the project. So you can donate by playing outdated computer games. Not bad, huh?

If you have installed the blinkensim you can choose a „hdl“ theme, make blinkensim connect to and get the screen’s content streamed over the Internet and play Pong from whereever you want.

No time for details on how to install blinkensim. Yes, we lack documentation on the web. I know. I’ll try to explain. But this first: it won’t run on windows and no, there is nothing we can do about it now. Get a Mac, get a UNIX box. Whatever. There it will work.

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  1. But blinkensim does work on Windows, just like the rest of the software suite. You just need to get it to compile. If someone experienced with compiling GTK+ software on Windows wants to give it a try and build an installer for blinkensim, let us know.

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  3. Hi Blinkenfans,

    if you are not able to use blinkensim, you can try aablinkensim a linux console player.

    ./ 4242

    Windowsuser can use:




    or BlinkenPlayerExxtreme

    The stream is available at and the port is 4242.

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