I am back. I left Kuala Lumpur on sunday and I hadn’t the time to report on what was going on as I have been busy talking to people all the time and being in permanent combat with my Jetlag. I needed days to adjust and before you know it its over. Now I had some days to recover and I am sort of on my way to re-adjust to European timings. But all this has been quite stressful for me, surprisingly.

But this doesn’t apply to the conference itself which was very interesting. Thanks to Dhillon (aka l33tdawg) and his lovely crew for the overwhelmingly warm welcome and the overall good handling of everything. Special thanks also to Belinda and Amy who have been the most active and visible people for me. But there are many more who did work behind the scenes and have been generally helpful.

That said: it was easy for me to concentrate on the HITBSecConf2005 conference itself, a rather weird feeling for me as I am usually so busy with everything that I can’t really enjoy any talks at the Chaos Communication Congress. In KL it was different: I tried to follow as much talks as possible and the only one I really missed was the final goodbye event due to being too tired.

I will wrap up some notes on given talks in following postings.

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