Living the future

The last days, I tried to stay in close contact with american blogs covering the whole Katrina tragedy and especially Jacob Appelbaum who is currently in New Orleans (and before in Houston) together with Joel Johnson trying to help people setting up technology.

Today he arrived in Algiers (here is Joel’s report), a part of New Orleans not affected by flooding, and set up a iSight camera with a PowerBook with QuickTime Broadcaster. It was really cool: just chatting, we managed to set up everything remotely in just a few minutes. They were running everything on battery as the generator was down that moment.

Our CCC streaming server is now broadcasting the stream from Germany whenever their uplink is running. With QuickTime Player, you can receive the stream from here: rtsp:// If you get a 404 error it means their upload stream isn’t working (either it’s switched off or the uplink is broken). Just try again later. You might want to follow Jacob’s blog on when you expect the stream to be online.

We are living the future. Too bad the future is in such a bad shape currently.

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