Hacker Island

Oh my god. I swear I will never ever listen to people if they say I wouldn’t need my laptop during travel.

So now I am in Bulgaria and have found a cool place: a small island near Burgas and there is an international workshop camp going on: Net User 3 Conference on a small Alcatraz-style island called Bolshevik. It’s just plain beautiful.

I am using another girl’s mac laptop now and I am happy to be able to have at least 50% of my setup running. I am not sure how much I can blog about this but it’s a cool event and I hope I can summarize a bit later on.

I think I found the place on Google Maps: it’s here.

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  2. Yes, cool place it was, we hope to meet there next year again, but it will be probably secret. This rock can’t host more than 50 people. Actualy more info *was* on this worklab’s website – ostrov.mur.at which included net_user. It was NOT meant as HACKER ISLAND at all, there were lot’s of people completely un-related to hacking. It was weird mix of people from different backgrounds.
    But if you are hacker, you take your laptop everywhere no ? (Bolshevik)

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