What The Hack coming up

I spent my first day at What The Hack and I can say the atmosphere is great. Most of the stuff is already set up and our Chaos Village is coming along nicely as well.

The volunteer teams are very effective and they have set up the tents in a very short time. So we already see a small Hack City arise.

No official Internet so far. Just the Orga Network allows outbound communication. However, the DECT phone system is in place for a couple of days already so you can make phone calls all over the field and get called from the outside as well (there is even a flaky outbound gateway but I haven’t tested that yet).

CCC groups are pretty strong at What The Hack. Apart from the POC, our community runs the Wireless Network (WOC), the First Aid Team (CERT) and the Chaos Village of course. The Chaoswelle is present with huge antennas. And André, the art brain behind the Camp’s light decoration, and his team are responsible for the light at What The Hack as well. Last but not least, the conference planning is done with Pentabarf, our new planning software.

Okay, enough bragging for now. I get back on the field taking care of this and that. We are going to lift the roof blanket on our huge dome tent today.

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