WTH preparations continue

A preliminary conference program has been posted to the What The Hack website. It shows a lot of promise and will definitely grow to an even more impressive line-up soon.

You might notice the visual similarity to the 21C3 schedule which has its cause: the WTH program committee is using our freshly developed software Pentabarf which is still in its infancy but is about to evolve to a full-blown web-based open source conference planning tool.

Also, the WTH crew managed to set up a public wiki for the participants. There had been a Plone-based wiki before, but now they’re using MediaWiki which is a much more mature system and much easier to use.

I fell in love with MediaWiki last year and since then it has been our primary tool for internal and public communication and documentation. For events addressing numerous participants a public wiki is just plain cool. So I am glad the WTH crew is following the same path we took for 21C3.