I hate .DS_Store

Does anybody now how to prevent Mac OS X of creating .DS_Store files (at least for selected directories)? It’s so annoying as it comes in my so many times – especially when working with command line based version control systems like CVS or SVN.

I don’t understand why Mac OS X 10.4 still retains this „feature“ as the new meta-data storage methods should provide an alternative. *Sigh*.

9 Gedanken zu „I hate .DS_Store

  1. One could make a mach injection bundle that disables this ‚functionality‘ in the Finder. It would involve a little bit of reverse engineering, but if you’re interested, I could look into it. Would surely be an interesting project for the MacHackers in Bonn.

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  3. The problem with SVN is that ignoring is not enough as the automatically generated files prevent svn from purging empty directories which can break scripts et al.

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