Language Issues

I am going to start blogging in german soon. I have been doing this occasionally on another blog but I want to shift this in a similar context as my english blurbs. Question is how I do it and I am a bit split on this.

It turned out that I write totally different (in terms of style and topics) in german than I do in english. So this would mean a change in style. Also, it might confuse international readers not capable of speaking german. This would ask for a separate blog. But maybe some people do actually think it would be a good idea to mix and keep the entries separate by assigning a language category? I don’t know.

So if you have an opinion on this and feel like leaving a comment, please leave a comment.

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  1. well, i think blogging in both languages is better than seperate blogs if you’re basicly going to blog about the same things. so categories would just do fine. but maybe you should keep headlines and text in the same language ;-)

  2. It’s funny that you want to change to german, since i have been thinking a while about „blogging“ in english. I would propably to the same as moe suggests, not just open another blog. When you watch your websites-statistics, do you have a lot of international visitors who would not get the content? Good luck :) – Alain

    P.S.: As Nike says, „just do it“ ;)

  3. I know you took a long time to decide yourself for wordpress. I’d still like to use this and recommend serendipity. It has a plugin that supports multilingual blog-entries so you could basically have the same entry in 2 or even more languages. maybe that could be the solution to your problem?

  4. I would either go for using both languages (double the work when typing) or the category approach. Don’t think that separate installations of wordpress are really needed.


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  6. Hello Tim

    Yeah. Go for both languages. It will will put more pressure on me to resume my German studies.

    This relates to persona management. Something I’m planning on working into my blogging software engine. The ability to first author content, then decide which persona it should host the content. There is always a backstage, a sub blog where, all articles are visible, in cards that carry the persona.

  7. Your speaking style style in German on your podcasts is more natural and therefore more fun than your writing style in English.
    While I would like an English version for my friends I’d love to read you in German. So two versions please!

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