Working on it

This weblog is still in the resurrection phase. During that phase anything may happen. Foremost, I am working on reestablishing the content of my previous blog which is halfway through right now. I have been struggling with XSLT and SQL a lot and it’s sort of fun – although probably not to you, dear reader, waiting for philosophical and insightful ramblings about the world and the state it’s in. We’ll get to that in between ;)

I am playing around with the design here as well, starting with the currently available themes for WordPress which turn out to be quite impressive in general. Weblog design has gone a long way in the last years and it’s ever more apparent that it’s been the driving force behind web design and web standards recently. This is good.

Talking about tools: I am writing this using the excellent MarsEdit weblog editor that I have been using for a while now and that I can nothing but recommend. Kudos to Brent Simmons at this place whose development process I have been following very closely in the last months and I am nothing but deeply impressed how he combines friendliness and excellence in programming. This is outstanding.

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