Also not for Brent Simmons: web site icons in PNG

It‘s funny to see how interblog communications work: Jon tries to get the word to Brent to get his blog included in NetNewsWire. And opviously, Brent didn‘t read it.

So now Jon is implanting a new icon in his web page and wonders that PNG is supported as well. Yes, it is since Mozilla introduced that feature along time ago. But he also wonders that NNW2 does show it in the web browser tab (because WebKit knows it) but not in the subscription list, because Brent Simmons didn‘t implement PNG icons in NNW2.

Internet Explorer‘s way of handling „favicons“ is driving me nuts. How many billion trillion times a day are web servers just saying no to this silly „/favicon.ico“ request? How many times a day do web administrators look in their web server log files with megabytes of „favicon.ico not found“ requests? How many times a day are web designers shaking their heads because they can‘t provide icons for subpages of domains?

It‘s time for developers to ignore IE „standards“ and scrap support for them alltogether.

Good that Brent Simmons doesn‘t read this ;)

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