Tonight only: Blinken-Lite

You missed Blinkenlights when it was running? Well, if you are in Berlin today you might get a second chance as we have put up the system for a very short time (which already might end on Monday) in a limited fashion (it‘s actually just the blinking heart and nothing else, but it does look good). Check out the photos of Blinken-Lite. I guess it was also visible in the TV show „Wetten Dass?“ that was taking place in part on Alexanderplatz yesterday evening.

The new setup is meant to say „hello“ to Berlin and to remind you all that we are ready for a severe comeback if things turn out fine. We got some nice ideas in our sleeves and we really like to bring them on. But we need support of the owner of the building to be able to do that. Tell them, not us ;-).

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