NewsFire is a UI revolution

Okay, I am overstating here a bit but NewsFire really took me by surprise.

NewsFire is a very, very simple program. It is a RSS News Reader, like NetNewsWire or Shrook. But unlinke these established tools, it is really breaking things down to the basics. NewsFire is about reduction. But this doesn‘t mean getting less in the old box. The shiny part is the excellent yet simple user interface that doesn‘t get in your way and makes access to fast flowly information easy.

I use NewsFire for fast-changing channels that I want to follow regularly while NNW does it‘s job much better when being used daily, scanning the feeds as a whole.

Can‘t wait until NewsFire supports http authentication and https. This would be a very welcome move to use it for realtime monitoring of wikis, weblogs and other living web organisms.

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