Euro Foo: Atmosphere, Bluesnarfing and how to open a Kensington lock with toilet paper

A couple of weeks ago, I was happy to be able to attend the EuroFoo Camp, organized by O‘Reilly for small group of geeks and similar life forms. They really succeeded bringing together a bunch of bright heads and overall communication was best described by Rop when he said: „you have to explain everything 0.7 times before somebody gets it“. hosts a nice video obviously produced by O‘Reilly for free redistribution. Check out the Euro Foo Video in various formats. It gives an impression on the atmosphere of the talks and presents two of the coolest hacks that have been demonstrated at EuroFoo: Adam demonstrating his Bluesnarfing tool live to the audience and Barry aka. The Toool showing how to open a Kensington Lock using the carton core of a toilet paper! There was this other remarkable demonstration recently but I think this is even cooler.

Doobee had doubts on the Bluesnarfing demo he saw at Defcon and obviously something must have gone terribly wrong as the demo ran without problems at Euro Foo. He first scanned the rooms for phones (you can see my „Phnord“ phone showing up in the video) and later demonstrated a read-out of a randomly chosen phone (of a vulnerable model of course).

Bluetooth statistics at EuroFoo were particular interesting. Adam was able to scan around 50 Bluetooth-enabled and „discoverable“ phones. I guess there were at least 100 Bluetooth-capable phones, but half of the crowd has probably switched off Bluetooth (or the phone completely) for the event. The really funny aspect of the statistics were that Adam did not find a single phone that was using a typical default name! Geeks.

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