JavaScript widgets

I haven‘t been a big fan of JavaScript in the recent years as it has been mostly used for useless eye-candy that does nothing for the user experience and adds tons of accessibility problems instead. But this is about to change. Taking the outdated and buggy IE aside (which you can, if you want) modern browsers like Safari, Mozilla, Firefox et. al. deliver a stable JavaScript environment these days that conforms to the Document Object Model (DOM) of the W3C well enough to open the door for a new web craft: JavaScript widgets.

There are a couple of good examples on the web but one of the most impressive feat is the redesign of that features „sliding sheets“ and „tabbed“ content.

Gmail is also a good example for this but not everybody has access to it.

We are currently developing a new web-based conference planning software for our upcoming event currently and consider a set of JS widgets as well.

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