21st Chaos Communication Congress

I finally managed to complete the website of the 21st Chaos Communication Congress (21C3) that has been online for a while but which we decided to launch silently as some final bugs had to be squeezed first. Now it‘s a more or less complete site which should tell you most of the important things about the upcoming congress at the end of the year. Please have a look at our Call for Papers as you might either consider doing a talk your own or pass along the information to other people.

To make communication even better we have also set up a dedicated 21C3 Weblog that will point you to news, recent changes to relevant changes, previews for scheduled talks and other background information.

To round things up, there is a 21C3 Public Wiki as well that here for participants to publish what kind of projects they pursue or whatever comes to your mind. The wiki has been filled with helpful information on accommodation options and a FAQ page that you might want to consult first.

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