The Club Exchange Program

I am going to leave the country tomorrow for a quick ride to Switzerland. My good friend Sandro Gaycken has been very busy recently organizing The Club Exchange Program which is an ambitious project bringing together the music club culture of Berlin and Zürich over a period of three months. The clubs visit each other exchanging not only DJs and music but the whole club culture as well: the bar, the design, the flair.

This coming weekend, the program starts with the renowned WMF visiting kaleidoskop club in Zürich. DJs Jazzanova, Ame, Slope, Stefan Rogall, Eva Be and Daniel W. Best form the line-up.

So each upcoming weekend, the party goes back to the other city. These are the Berlin clubs and party crews that will come to Zürich: Goldmund & Eschschloraque Rümpschrümp, Maria, the famous Pyonen party crew, Kinzo and Tresor.

If you want to join: the City Night Line offers cheap tickets (EUR 29) to get to Zürich and back with the night train. Cant beat the price.

Gotta put on my fancy suit, boy.

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