Kate and the Net

Fans are always a special kind of people. You notice it once you discover your are one yourself. And on the net, fandom has found its home in the early days already. Kate Bush – renowned artist and singer – always had a strong following and I admit to have been among the crowd for a long time. I have been touched and inspired by her work since the Eighties and I wasn‘t surprised to see that there were people around the world sharing my affection.

What was surprising was that Kate Bush‘s fans have initiated a mailing list in 1985 (!) that was followed by the Usenet newsgroup rec.music.gaffa soon after. Later, the Gaffaweb adopted the upcoming web technology similarly early (by the way: Gaffa relates to the song Suspended In Gaffa, while Love Hounds – the name of the mailing list – relates to Hounds Of Love respectively. Getting all these international postings on my small computer at home back then was a special brainwash to me as I was still busy explaning my friends the need for things like computers in general.

So what‘s the news? It‘s what made it‘s way into my inbox today: a collection of Kate‘s early works in MP3. Some of them haven‘t been published, some of them are just other recordings of well-known songs from her Albums.

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