50 Specific Ways Dylan is Easier to Use Than C++

I would have no success hiding my ongoing admiration for the Dylan Programming Language. It‘s just so fucking powerful, flexible and sexy that once you‘ve read either the Dylan Reference Manual you‘ll wonder why everybody would just think about using something else.

The Dylan Programming book is also a very helpful introduction, as it describes Dylan‘s langauge features to C, C++ and Java as you move along. Yesterday, Chris Double has summarized 50 Specific Ways Dylan is Easier to Use Than C++ in response to Scott Myer‘s book Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design. The comparison is a blood bath for C++. What was to be expected as Dylan was invented to free the world from C++ (Andrew Shalit).

If you are interested in Dylan you might want to check out the Gwydion Dylan project home page, Dylan Wiki or the #dylan IRC channel on freenode.net.

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