April Fools Suck

Yawn. The first of April has become the most boring day on the web, beating Christmas by a wide margin. And no, I am not going to present a list of the silliest stuff. I will make sure I won‘t to switch on my computer on at all next year.

I am not alone.

Some other possible solutions to the problem:

  • Bring out AFML (April Fools Markup Language). Making it an XML Namespace, it might help introducing April Fool context to each news item. Possible elements:
    • JOKE: This entry is a joke and can safely read or ignored.
    • BAD_JOKE: This entry is a rather rude joke and might harm or confuse readers or drive them into installing viruses.
    • WISH: This entry is not true but somehow expresses something I always wanted to have but so far nobody was able to provide.
  • News reader support. Add a „Mark all April 1st news items as unread“ or „Hide all April 1st news item“ feature to news reader programs
  • Your idea here. Please comment.


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