Orkut Security Problems

The teenage mutant ninja hero coders describe a way of faking already existing Orkut accounts by having them removed first by sending forged emails. I have no idea why Orkut chose to make removal moderated (via email!) at all as the security problems are obvious. Some people already described that their account hasn‘t been removed on request as well so this is getting really annoying.

Well, I think that overall trust in the system is going to change rapidly if these things eon‘t be addressed. Once some alpha geeks turn their back on the system, outrage is going to destroy a significant user base that might be important to keep the network alive.

Also, the more careful geeks still do not want to have anything to do with Orkut and Orku-like system at all (which I can understand) but it‘s still interesting testing this rather new way of communication. Once the buzz is over, only a well thought-out security and trust system will work.

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