Social Software and Dead People

Don Park has some interesting thoughts on social software and dead people where „social software“ means networks like Orkut or Blogs or Wikis:

It would also be interesting to turn my blog into a wiki-ish blog after I died so that my friends can post to my blog for one reason or another.  In a sense, ‘I‘ continue to live within the mind of my friends so ‘I‘ am still blogging from the grave.

He also touches upcoming deaths that are sure to happen:

What should happen when a member of Orkut or LinkedIn dies?  It‘s bound to happen or have happened already.  Should his node disappear?  That doesn‘t make sense.  Two people having a friend in common is relevant even if the friend happens to be dead.  But if the node is left within the network, what are the downsides other than having to add a gravestone icon to the profile?

Good question.

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