dorkbot: Doing strange things with electricity

dorkbot is the name of a movement that started in New York City. Since then, the idea has expanded to other cities (Seattle, San Francisco, London, Lisbon, Melbourne, Linz, Gent, Mumbai and Rotterdam). As far as I understand, it is a regular meeting of technical artists that do strange things with electricity.

Next monday (Feb 2, 2004), there will be a kickoff event in Berlin for a new dorkbot.bln meeting and I was asked to do some moderation and a short talk about Blinkenlights as we are also doing strange things with elecricity. There will be a presentation by the crew.

The meeting is hosted at Berlin‘s space ship c-base and will start at 20:15 CET. The event is aptly named Primetime and is a partner event of transmediale.

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