Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks

hardware-hacking-cover.jpgThis has taken soooo long. But now it is finally coming! O‘Reilly is about to publish Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks, a new book on do-it-yourself hardware hacking.

The author, Scott Fullam, contacted us two years ago because he wanted to devote one of the chapters to Blinkenlights – which he did. You find it in the Table Of Contents (PDF): How to Hack a Building-Size Display (in Part II: Advanced Hacks, Tools, and Techniques). K3wl. In it you find the documentation of the technology used to build the first Blinkenlights installation in Berlin which we passed to Scott to be published freely.

I am really looking forward getting the book in my hands as there seem to be other really interesting things in it (like „How To Build An Internet Toaster“ and „How To Build A Remote Object Tracker“).

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