Blinkenlights Realtime Data Streaming

For the technically inclined, a real-time data stream of Blinkenlights Reloaded is available. This means, you can receive the same Blinkenlights movie stream we are using within our installation live on the Internet with no significant delay.

In order to be able to see that stream, you need to compile the blinkensim program for X11, which relies on the blib and blinkenthemes packages.

Sven has set up a small text explaining how to set up your computer to receive our experimental data stream.

UPDATE: New updates forblib(1.1.2) and blinkensim (2.4) have significantly improved the situation. The proxy mechanism now works much more reliable even from behind NAT. At least it works from behind my AirPort base station and should walk through every properly working NAT system. Firewalls and misconfigured (or badly programmed) NAT routers still can prevent the stream from getting to your computer though.

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