Crashing iCal

Seems as if I have been able to create a persistent crash in iCal with the automatically generated iCalendar file of the 20C3 Fahrplan. I would be interested if anybody is actually able to subscribe to the calendar with out crashing iCal or if any other application is actually able to load the file.

So far I am not aware of any bugs in my calendar file (which doesn‘t mean there are none). At least I have found a way to trigger a reproducible crash in iCal. Hope the new crash notification feature of Mac OS X 10.3 is really helping Apple to fix the bug fast.

Update: The bug has been found. It was due to a missing information in the database that entries have been generated with a period information „PTH“ instead of „PT1H“. This makes iCal crash. All Hail Objective-C. Are there still people out there who think this is a modern programming language? Ha!

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