Blinkenlights: What works, what won‘t

There are more and more Blinkenlights movies trickling in for Reloaded. This is good.

Some people ask, if we will show their movie and what the parameters are that lead to the movie being actually broadcasted on the big screen. The short answer is: we are not going to show everything we receive. The movies we pick for our playlist have to go through a series of evaluation steps that are like this.

  • If it is just scrolling text it is likely to be dropped. There is nothing more boring than scrolling text on a big building: it takes too long to watch and people usually do not read it anyway. If you make it scroll faster, nobody could follow.
  • What works a bit better is showing the text one letter at a time with the position shifted to the right one column for each letter. But still it depends on the text. All You Base Are Belong To Us is a good example, but we already have that.

  • If the movie contains URLs or other ad-like stuff it gets dropped immediately.
  • If the file is too fast or too slow or too long it might be put on hold for later reedit.
  • Make your movies tell a short story quickly. Put a joke at the end, make it funny, make it a real movie in 30 seconds max.
  • Simple rotating images, morphing patterns and other visual sugar works fine on the building and will be used to fill playlist.
  • Important: make sure the movie is in BML format and does validate. This makes it easier for us.

If you think about this a bit, the chance of becoming a part of the big screen are much higher.

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