Polvorosa is a group of three gifted musicians (some of you might know them as Niños Con Bombas from earlier days). They are singing in spanish and make great ElectroLatino music. Well hidden in their Flash site is the funny video of their new song „Behind De Mi House“ (QuickTime 5 format). Watch the Twin Towers dance and fall!

This is the prelude to their first CD coming out later next year (as far as I know). Congratulations to Daniel, Norman and (especially!) Trillian for this success. They have been doing great music for a long time and was time for them to be drawn before a wider audience. You deserve it, Trilly. Un beso!.

What the web site does not provide is the schedule for their upcoming tour through Germany and Austria, so I provide that here for you with links to the venues as well.

I can only recommend going to one of these concerts if you can. I am sure you are going to have a great time with Polvorosa.

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