FBI visits Cryptome

Cryptome is a web site dedicated to publishing information on all kind of sensible topics and is usually considered to be the next on the list when THEY need to tighten the screws once more. Cryptome publishes documents on things like the surveillance system Echelon, the NSA Tempest system, DVD decryption and so on. I can also recommend their Eyeball Series taking a closer look at things that are normally out of sight a bit like the US Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

Yesterday, the FBI visited Cryptome, in order to „ask Cryptome to report to the FBI any information which Cryptome „had a gut feeling“ could be a threat to the nation“. Cryptome „did not agree to report anything to the FBI that is not available on the website“ and instead documented the incident including the names of the FBI agents on their website.

Cryptome has a RSS feed.

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