Chaos Computer Club Public Wiki

Huh. We have finally managed to convert the Camp Wiki to a general Chaos Computer Club Public Wiki System. Radar has spent many hours separating the Camp content and putting it in its own section (called a „Web“ in Twiki speak). If you had an account on the Camp Wiki, it should still work.

This makes the Wiki usable for more than just a single event and the new „20C3“ section invites you to use the Wiki for planning your activities at the upcoming Chaos Communication Congress in December.

I admit the CCC Wiki is still no beauty albeit being useful. Unfortunately, even the next release of TWiki (which was expected in August but still isn‘t ready) won‘t bring much in terms of CSS-based design. So it would be another hack changing the templates to allow for a more sexy look. But so far at least the features are nice. Go ahead and use it!

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