On my way to Marathon

Skating TimJust read in the local newspaper that there has never been a runner running the mythical route to announce victory before dying and the actual distance between Marathon and Athens is only 37 km. Furthermore, the modern Marathon distance has been set to 40 km initially by Baron Pierre de Coubertin and has been later extended to 42,195 because Queen Alexandra wanted to be able to follow the the start of the race from Windsor palace at the Olympic Games in 1908.

So it‘s all myth and mock-up, but I don‘t care. 42,195 km is actually a perfect distance for inline skaters (it is a bit too much for running if you ask me). Weather is better than expected. Rain was forecast but there is almost nothing. It is a lot cooler than the last days but I guess this can be considered ideal circumstances.

My marathon page is online now and should be running. From 1400 UTC you should be able to track my current position in Berlin. I am going to carry a second GPS receiver (a Garmin III) to record an ever finer track log for making a „map movie“ afterwards. The Benefon GPS phone has been extended antenna which I put on my helmet for better signal reception. Hope all the technology I carry with me won‘t make me slow :-)

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